Remigiusz Dudek

rdudekRemigiusz an Agile testing trainer and a member of a mature Agile team, for years working on assuring quality not only of a software but also quality of a software development process. In his career he worked on various positions: as a developer, tester, test leader, project manager, QA Engineer. Such variety of experience gives him an opportunity to look at a given problem from many perspectives and choose the optimal solution.

Currently, he’s been working on a position of QA Engineer assuring quality of banking systems for over 4 years.

Do we need test management tools in Agile?enTestWarez 2016
From my experience it seems that whenever team needs to have a specific tool for test management it means they failed to embrace one of agile ideas. Usually a root cause for such need is as follows: 1. There is a separarte test team and we need to track effort/progress – meaning that team failed…więcej

From CI to CD - user storyenTestWarez 2016
Thanks to our inner drive to optimize all repetitive tasks supported by business pressure to deliver solutions more frequently, we are constantly inspired to remove waste from our software delivery process and shorten a release cycle. I could easily be convinced, that as the need to solve big-bang integration issue and everlasting hardening iteration arisen,…więcej

7 Cardinal Sins of Automation TestingenTestWarez 2015
„Learn from your mistakes” as they say, but what if you’re not aware that you’re making mistakes… will you learn anything? During the presentation I will talk about 7 paths. Following them is not commonly considered as a mistake, nevertheless this common belief does not change the facts that they all lead to an unmaintainable…więcej

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