7 Cardinal Sins of Automation Testing

rdudek„Learn from your mistakes” as they say, but what if you’re not aware that you’re making mistakes… will you learn anything?

During the presentation I will talk about 7 paths. Following them is not commonly considered as a mistake, nevertheless this common belief does not change the facts that they all lead to an unmaintainable and incomprehensible automated test suite. We enter these paths having a certain business goal in mind. While the goal itself is usually sensible I will envision the reality that we will wake up in after following a given path long enough.

As already said, some goals are sensible and for those we will explore different paths that allow to achieve them. During the presentation we will also learn that some of goals that seem to be great, are in fact flawed in their very inner core. I will redefine these goals so they become flawless, and having the flawless goal in hand I will show a decent path that leads to it.

Lecture in English.

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