Do we need test management tools in Agile?


From my experience it seems that whenever team needs to have a specific tool for test management it means they failed to embrace one of agile ideas. Usually a root cause for such need is as follows:
1. There is a separarte test team and we need to track effort/progress – meaning that team failed to embrace cross-functional team + working software is a meassure of progress
2. Repeatable tasks are not automated – not having repeatable tasks automated ends up in a situation when you’re not able to respond to changes quickly

There are two reasons I found so far
1. Audit – you can’t fight with irrational assumptions of auditors hence you need to do things you wouldn’t normally do.
2. Our application in a maintenance mode where changes does not appear often enough to justify test automation efforts and still we need to store test cases somewhere.

What is your opinion?

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