How not to be a victim (of other peoples’ mistakes)

rtaylorIt’s now more than five decades since the development of computer applications for use in business became widespread. After all of this experience, projects are still going live in poor condition: late, over budget, buggy, all of these or, sometimes, not even making it into production at all. How can this be? Why do testers so often get the blame for these failures, and what can we do about it?
In this presentation, Richard Taylor looks at some of the reasons for this. He shows why it goes much deeper than simple coding errors, into some of the core practices of project management and business / systems analysis. But what can testers do about these things – after all, we can only test what we’re given, in whatever time we’re given, can’t we?
Richard believes that testers can, in fact, use their unique skills to improve the quality of software, and the effectiveness of our testing, before we take delivery. So, he argues, testers should not be content to be mere victims at the end of the development chain, and he proposes ways in which testers can use their expertise to eliminate some common causes of project failure.

Lecture in English.

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