The Pillars of Agile Testing

devansThe craft of agile testing is maturing, and we have plenty of skilled and gifted testers in the industry, honing their skills, sharing experiences and techniques. But do you find that you have trouble making the success of individual testers scale from the few to the many? Does their great testing get diluted by the mediocrity of average testing in the organisation?

For your organisation to succeed with agile testing, you have to understand these things:

  • What goals you are trying to achieve
  • The prerequisites for success
  • The dependencies and connections between each of the above.

In this talk I will share my “Pillars of Testing” model, as featured in Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory’s book “More Agile Testing”. The model sets out the structures and dependencies that influence how effective our overall test effort can be in the organisation as a whole.

Lecture in English.

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