Testing and learning in changing environments – stories from Romania

Alexandra-remakeRomania in general, and the city of Cluj-Napoca, in particular, have experienced lately a boost of the IT industry. Cluj was even named by a french publication “The Silicon Valley of Europe”. Plenty of companies have opened an office here, and local companies have emerged. This rapid growth, as well as the desire to create more value than as outsourcing providers, has resulted in some companies wanting to change how they recruit and train their testers, and how testing activities are performed.

I will share insights from my experience collaborating with different local companies, helping them with testing, training and mentoring, and also from my interaction with the local testing community.

Many of the challenges I faced and observed seem to be related to how people land in the tester role, their expectations, and the process of change that many companies go through. Some companies have realized that they need skilled people in testing, and are struggling to create these skills by trying to change an already established (comfortable to some) culture, in a market where many are desperately looking to hire IT professionals.

I invite you to explore together with me:

  • how we can learn from this kind of context to become more valuable testers

  • how to avoid some pitfalls when you want to change how testing is done and perceived in your company

  • and to get the pulse of the testing community in another part of Europe.

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