Group dynamics – what influence does it have on teams’ social worlds in software development projects?

Abstract: Software that we build is complex, requires a lot of development work and the only way to deliver is to combine individual engineering efforts into teamwork outcomes. At the same time any team members are just humans and it is completely natural for them to form social groups when they spend much time together. Such groups have their own and very specific dynamics and as a result our development projects are driven as much by technical as psychological factors. In the talk I plan to present some well defined general social psychology concepts and discuss how they apply to engineering communities and influence our work. Self-awarness in this area can help enhance actions that foster productivity and mitigate those that put ultimate goals at risk.

More detailed info below is for internal review process only.
Topics that I plan to cover:
* Scientific approach to studies in social psychology
* Ingroups and outgroups
* Intra and intergroup dynamics
* Groupthink
* Abilene Paradox
* Categorizing, stereotyping and prejudice
* Ingroup Bias
* Outgroup Homogenity Bias
* Social Loafing

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