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photo_remakeWith more than 20 years of experience in testing, Olivier is the Vice-President of the CFTL – the French ISTQB Board. After participating in the Marketing Workgroup of the ISTQB, then being Vice-Governance Officer, Olivier has recently been elected as Governance Officer of the ISTQB. He’s also the VP of ps_testware SAS (30 consultants), the French subsidiary of ps_testware group. His role is to develop the new business, recruit the local expert team (Sales and consultants), create visibility, build sustainable partnerships, promote software testing and ps_testware. Since September 2012, he’s a member of the board.


Olivier is also an international speaker who spoke at Quality Week, Eurostar (2), Dasia, SQA Days, JFIE (2), JFTL (8), Moroccan Testing Day, Analyst Days -5 St Petersburg, and last but not least SASTQB conference in 2015 and 2016. He’s also actively participating in the development of new certification schemes, like ReQB (requirements analysis) or IQBBA (Business Analysis).  
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Why we should care about leftoversplTestWarez 2016
The world is changing fast and software takes more and more a major part in our everyday life. As a result of software opening to the mass-market, the development and testing paradigms have evolved dramatically. We are not anymore facing software developed by IT for IT, but software developed by IT for everyone (and especially…więcej

Psychology and testingplTestWarez 2016
Testing software in a more mature and structured way is synonym to bringing (big) changes in an organization. It is introducing new (disturbing) processes, new (intrusive) reporting, new (annoying) gates, new (unknown) roles and responsibilities… All of those irremediably change the way of working, disrupting existing (bad?) long running habits, breaking „business as usual”, silent…więcej

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