Change management for assessing and improving test organizations

mraskingThere are a number of competing standards and process models out there for measuring test process maturity and helping organizations improve their performance. As a practitioner, either an assessor or someone responsible for Testing and Quality, it is important to understand the type of change one wants to drive in an organization and what the goals of test process improvement actually are. This workshop will kick off by discussing different potential benefits of test process improvement and take a look at how change can be brought into organizations. The speaker, an accredited TMMi Lead Assessor, will then introduce the participants to the open standard model TMMi and ISO33063, both from a structural and practical point of view. We will compare the two models and share experiences and concerns on their usage. Using actual project examples, the group will then walk through typical process improvement situations (interview, developing recommendations and roadmapping) and learn how to conduct successful assessments and process improvement projects using TMMi. Finally the workshop will dive into the dark world of business cases for test process improvement and deal with some common myths.

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