Agile in 5 points for managers

abrandtIn this talk I want to convey what I consider to be the most important points about Agile that managers should be aware of if their organization is to truly embrace agility and reap benefits from all the methods and practices teams (and not only teams) will use. Managers are, I think, largely overlooked by Agile practitioners and consultants – no Agile method addresses line managers (or their equivalents in an Agile company) so while almost everyone else gets training and support managers usually are left on their own to figure out what it is that that they should be doing in an Agile company. This may lead to the quite popular but largely false notion that management is unnecessary and therefore not present in an Agile company. This short talk if of course not long enough to cover the whole topic, but it is meant to give food for thought and further research and thus serve as a starting point for managers striving to find their place in Agile.

Lecture in English.

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